Who is Kleo?

Kleo is a visionary. Kleo has an eye for stellar fashion and understand that trends are here today and gone tomorrow but true style and elegance starts from within and can never go out of style. Kleo is a girl who is absolutely fearless in the face of adversity and refuses to have her roar silenced by anyone. Kleo is the young free spirited girl who refuses to sell her soul in order to fit in. Kleo is a flirtatious tease. Kleo is the girl that believe she lives in a happy universe. Kleo is the girl who talks way too much. Kleo is a girl who puts herself first. Kleo is adventurous and is always looking at life through a mystical lense. Kleo is the girl the knows she can have every good thing in this world. Kleo is the girl that makes time for practicing self love. Kleo is the girl that is in tune with her feelings and emotions, yet refuses to allow them to control her. Kleo is the girl who enjoys watching the rainfall from her windowsill. Kleo is a girl who knows that self-love is the greatest expression of what it means to be human.

Kleo is you. Kleo is me. Kleo is we.

Welcome to The House of Kleo