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Shih - Soft. Sexy. Strong. & Serious.

Freedom to be you.

There are many enchanting rooms inside The House of Kleo. If you desire to express rebellion against the mold of beauty that society forced you into there’s room such rebellion inside The House of Kleo. Our various collections include handbags designed for every occasion, statement, and mood. 

Black Onyx- Daring. Dark. & Sexy.

We Welcome Weird.

Time stops the moment you enter The House of Kleo. We encourage limitless expression of self and current moods for all people. Put a mask on or take one off. As you wander the halls you'll notice you're not alone in this house; many visit The House of Kleo to escape the constricting rules of the fashion world.

Nuisance - Flamboyant. Playful. & Eccentric.

We Love naughty

Let's give them something to stare at! Admit it! You love attention. When you step out of The House of Kleo admiration from bystanders is exactly what you'll be getting from now on. Our collections are full of obnoxiously gorgeous handbags suitable for everyone. We are showstoppers at heart. Heavy on the vanity, please!  

Follow Your Bliss.

Boxes are for squares 

You are our honoured guest. We welcome you to stay a lifetime here at The House of Kleo. We promise to aid you to freedom from the pressure to be beautiful. We will constantly reveal to you that Perfection is the definition of you. 

Everything Goes Inside The House of Kleo.